I have been commissioned by God to teach you to be still. To teach you to listen. I could say your life is at stake if you do not listen, but that would be incorrect. It is your soul which is in peril.

Matthew 10:28 KJV “And fear not them which kill the body,
but are not able to kill the soul:
but rather fear him which is able to destroy
both soul and body in hell.”

The first thing I will do is approach you cautiously. After all, I don’t know you. I do not know if you have the capacity to be still and listen. I will think of you as being in the next room. All I have to do is walk in, sit down, make myself comfortable, and talk to you as though we are old friends. I will not text, but I will use social media to be in direct contact with you.

I may not be kind and sensitive and easy to get along with at all times. There are doors that I have to open inside the rooms of your life, and I will need you to stand beside me and hand me the keys. This will probably be a painful exercise.

I am not a doctor of psychology or a licensed therapist. I am a teacher, but I am self-taught. I have no books written or well-known literature to use as proud laurels on my head. I offer this statement as protection against any claims of fraud. Ultimately, God is the source from which my wisdom comes.

No one can invoke the name of God for ill-gain. For money. For possessions. And get away with it.

Proverbs 6:16-19 God hates a proud look,
a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked things,
feet that are swift to mischief,
a false witness that speaks with a lying tongue,
and he that sows discord among the brethren. 

God’s eyes are on us always.

You can see by the pictures that I supply on the Spirit Visitations page that if ghost hunters flip out over one orb, they would run from my house, cameras flying as they clatter down the walkway running for their lives. I have many visitors. God’s eyes are on me always.

If I can give you an answer to your question, I will do it. If I cannot give you an immediate answer, I will ask Him for a solution by removing my shoes and prostrating myself before the Lord. I am chilled as I write this, knowing His majesty, but also aware of the danger I would put myself into if I abuse His cause.