The Eyes of the Lord

I am an oracle, though a reluctant one. The work that must be done with you is very important, and we have only a finite amount of time.

The use of the word “oracle” may appear arrogant without proper explanation. I am not claiming to be able to give you next week’s lottery numbers. If I had that ability, I would be kicking it in St. Lucia with my husband. What I can do is advise you through the Spirit of God. He does not lead you down a wrong path.

I am a solitary person living in one of the oddest places in the United States. It is said that if you are born and raised in this valley and you leave, you always come back. I live in Southern California. But before you conjure up thoughts of Hollywood, palm tree lined streets, and sun-kissed Pacific Coast beaches with blondies in bikinis, think again. I am in an agricultural valley that is only two hours from the paradise city of San Diego. In the summer we sport temperatures that would make Death Valley, California blush. As a matter of fact, I recall two Julys in a row several years ago when the temperature reached 124 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s Saudi Arabia in the shade.

The farmers here rely on irrigation from the Colorado River to water their fields, but California’s mountain snow pack is at twenty percent this year.They do not generally pray for rain, even though these days you could probably find them on their knees when no one is looking. Our farmers are in the $2 – $250 million dollar range. They have been known to take Jaguar’s onto the ditch banks to look over their fields. They take private planes to ski in Vail, Colorado in the winter. They own residences in Trump Towers in New York.

Agriculture, cattle, citrus trees, grapes, almond crops . . . nothing survives without water. Almost everything that makes California’s economy prosper requires water.

Water is a basic necessity of life. You can live without food for a little while, but water you must have to survive. People are found dead in our desert all the time. They try to cross illegally from Mexico into the United States. If they had a fist-full of diamonds to trade for a cup of water, they would do so willingly. In the same circumstances, so would you and I.

God’s ways are not our ways.

We place a high value on a sparkling diamond. We are told that diamonds are rare and should be highly desired and fought over. God doesn’t place a vanity value on this mineral that He stashed throughout the crust of this earth when he created it. The truth is that humankind got sucked into a big lie without much difficulty. Diamonds are not rare, they are controlled by an industry that is interested in perpetuating this valuable myth. Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth and God gave it as a gift for use in many industries that require sharp tools that won’t break. We will give six months wages for a diamond to wear ourselves or to put on the finger of someone we love; but water, which is truly life-sustaining, we run down the sink thoughtlessly when we are brushing our teeth in the morning.

God’s ways are not our ways.

Mankind has taken the gift of this beautiful mineral from God and used it vainly over the centuries. We have used it to destroy life instead of as a tool to enhance life. We use this faceted stone purely for human pleasure, to create envy in our friends and as a status symbol of our wealth. To own these stones imperils your life because many people out there in the great wide world are willing to kill you to get your sparklies. We are proud of ourselves when someone wants something that we have. But besides a diamond’s beauty, what exactly do you have? A rock. A useless rock. You can’t eat it. You can’t drink it. It doesn’t serve as clothing. You can’t live in it. It is just a rock that does not sustain life and makes us behave badly towards one another.

Water sustains life. We do not place a high value on water because it seems to be plentiful. A thief does not break into your house to steal water.

Our treasure must be built up on the other side, not here. When we die, our families fight over our spoils. What a shock that we do not take all that accumulation with us! We have spent our entire lives acquiring STUFF. We go to God with nothing. Nothing.

Job 1:21 “. . . naked came I out of my mother’s womb,
and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the
Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” 

My purpose is to introduce you to God. Provoke your thoughts. Challenge what you think you know. Some of you know nothing about Him.

I know that God is love, but I also know that He is very dangerous.
I know that God and Satan are not equal. Lucifer is merely created, not the CREATOR.
I know that Israel is God’s baby, not the USA (which I love dearly besides her warts).
I know that God is not a respecter of persons, countries, boundaries, or flags. He does not see us as individual nations but as the human race.

Isaiah 40:17 “All nations before him are as nothing;
and they are counted to him less than nothing,
and vanity.

I know our days our numbered on this earth and God knows how many days YOU have.
I know that the date of YOUR death is written in heaven; it was ordained when you were born.

Job 14:5 “Seeing his days are determined,
the number of his months are with thee,
thou hast appointed his bounds
that he cannot pass.”  

I know that if I sent my husband to the store for a loaf of bread and he gets killed in a car accident . . . I didn’t kill him. If I had not made him go on the errand, God would have still required him to leave the house for another reason to intersect with his fate. This is a burden that millions of people have unnecessarily suffered under. God, we are too small of mind to understand this truth. If only we had done this . . . If only we had done that . . . If only I had not asked for the loaf of bread he would still be alive. . .

No. “Thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass.”

People, put your burden down. It has been too heavy to carry and it is God’s load to bear. He will require your presence on the day, the hour, the minute, the second that He has ordained this meeting between you and He. It is like the ultimate visit to the Boss’s office to give an accounting of our actions, and go we all must.

No one escapes this meeting.

 If you have gossiped or destroyed someone’s reputation, He will make you eat it.

Proverbs 20:17 “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man;
but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.” 

If you have harmed or hurt someone, God will require it from you.

Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

If you are in an adulterous relationship, you have left much wreckage in two families. God knows which one of you has created the damage.

Proverbs 6:27-29 “Can a man take fire in his bosom,
and his clothes not be burned?
Can one go upon hot coals,
and his feet not be burned? So he that goeth in to his

neighbor’s wife; whosever toucheth her shall not be innocent.”

If you bring an accusation against someone, let it be the truth.

Proverbs 19:5 “A false witness shall not be unpunished,
and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.”

If you are quick to judgment, you will be a poor judge of an important situation.

Proverbs 18:13 “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it,
It is a folly and shame unto him.”

I know that your life is a book and every page has an entry that GOD will review with YOU. Some pages are scribbled on. Some pages contain our most painful experiences. Some hold our darkest secrets. Some are filled with our most joyous moments. HE WILL REVIEW THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT WITH YOU.

I know that you cannot afford to rob the 7-11. Your satisfaction is short-lived. You killed the clerk and ran out with a fist-full of money. The problem is that even though the camera may be broken, and nobody got a good look at your face while you were running away with your friends, Angels were there to record the event, and you have branded yourself in heaven as a thief and a murderer.

They are watching us even now.

Proverbs 15:3 “The eyes of the LORD are in every place,
beholding the evil and the good.”

There is much to discuss. There is much to learn.


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